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The Midnight Dancers: a fairy tale retold
Waking Rose: a fairy tale retold
Black as Night: a fairy tale retold
The Shadow of the Bear

Angel in the Waters

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editor/project management

Regina and her husband currently work as fiction editors for their publishing company, Chesterton Press
Although not currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts for submission, you are encouraged to read the following 
submission guidelines to better prepare your manuscript for submission to any publisher of fiction.

Just out of college, Regina worked as an assistant editor for Catholics United for the Faith, compiling or writing the columns  "The Pope Speaks," "Transformation in Christ," "From our Founder," and "CUF News" for Lay Witness from November 1992 through May 1994.

Regina has also done various work for the late journal Caelum Et Terra, including creating the website in 2001, editing the newslettter The Caelum Et Terra Conversation: Puzzle Pieces in 1997-1999, producing the Caelum Et Terra "Calendar of Days" in 1996, and serving as associate editor for the magazine Caelum et Terra for 1995-6.

Regina is the editor and "series Queen" of the John Paul 2 High books...

Catholic, ReluctantlyTrespasses Against UsSummer of my DissentUndercover Papist


She also edited Rachel's Contrition which won
the 2011 CALA award for Best Catholic Adult Fiction.



Regina edited the following books for Sophia Institute Press...

Awakening by Claudia McAdam

A miracle? Or a bloody m
by John Desjarlais

Who is stronger: the viper or the virgin?
 by John Desjarlais
Awakening.  A Crossroads in Time Book.  by Claudia McAdam. Bleeder: A miracle? Or bloody murder? - by John Desjarlais



Christopher by David Athey

The Spanish Match by Brennan Pursell


Christopher - A Novel


The Spanish Match by Brennan Pursell  

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